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Kozy Kar is a bar of all things cool growing up in the 70's and early 80's. Custom vans, eight track players, CB radios, waterbeds, chain steering wheels, shag, mirrored ceilings, van bar seats are just a few of the amenities.

404 D Mendocino Ave

We will be open October 20th and open every weekend after that. We are open randomly depending on how the owner feels. We will have a set schedule starting sometime in October. We are still doing private events.
For private events please text Sam at 415-336-2340.

Kozy Kar 2 is a continuation of the original kozy kar, spanning from the 70's through the early 90's. It has all the same crappy items that the kozy kar has with some new ones thrown in.

The kozy kar in Santa Rosa is OPEN.
Since the owner is sick, we are unable to have a set schedule.
When he feels up for it, we open.
Sometimes at night, sometimes during the day, it's a spur of the moment decision.
We call everyone we know, have them come down and then hope for the best.
Yes, it's crazy to operate like this but considering the circumstances, it's the best we can do.
We plan on having an actual set schedule starting sometime in June.
We are doing private events.


Come see us!

Contact Benny at 727*278*6844

42 San Francisco Bars You Need To Drink In Before You Die 2015

"Three things you need to know about Kozy Kar: 1) you can drink in a waterbed, an empty Jacuzzi, or a tricked-out GMC van, 2) the TVs splice together vintage commercials with hardcore porn, and 3) you'll probably need to burn your clothes after going here. Kidding! You'll definitely need to burn them. Still, you gotta do it at least once."
Top 8 Theme Bars in San Francisco 2015

"Relive the glory days of Generation X at this retro, perverted bar that makes you uncomfortable in all the right ways. Kozy Kar is the bar version of that greasy, perpetually drunk uncle (or is he your cousin twice-removed?) who refuses to be seen without his trusty pair of bell-bottoms."
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"Waterbeds, stripper poles, and wallpaper that consists of pinups of naked women from the 70's screams make-out spot, am I right? If you've been eying that friend of a friend for some time now, go to Kozy Kar with your crew. Secure the prime waterbed truck in the back, and then, after you've had a few PBRs and shots of Fireball, roll over near your crush and make your move. Naked make-out at their place afterwards, optional!"
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"Sam Young, owner of Kozy Kar Bar, isn’t sure his bar should be featured on this list. He describes it as a dark, dingy bar and says it’s not nice by any sort of imagination. Even with all of the bad things he has to say (and the many bad reviews he’s gotten from the review site he had a “war” with), customers keep coming and the bar is especially busy on weekends. The concept came from Young’s memories as a child driving up to his parents house up north in the 70s and 80s. He and his brother would always look out the window and see “cozy” vans. The bar was inspired by what he and his brother figured would be in the vans. The bar is very basic, serving jack and cokes, Olympia beer and boxed wine. It doesn’t serve any food. “It’s the shittiest of shit,” says Young. However, people keep coming, if only for the novelty. There are PlayBoys on the counters and 70s commercials, along with porn, playing on the televisions. All of the so-called “furniture” and accessories were gathered from junkyards and guests have the options of sitting at seats made from hot tubs and car parts among other things. The clientele is a random mix of freaks, geeks, and, as Young says, “guys in tuxedos.” The anti-bar does no advertising (aside from the one billboard that showcases the bar’s bad reviews), never holds any special events, and patrons liken to going to Kozy Kar Bar to visiting in their friend’s basement. Young has a lot of negative things to say about the bar he owns, but, he says, “It’s exactly the type of bar I’d want to go to. There is pinball, punk music and shitty beer.” If you’re looking for a memorable experience or are nostalgic for the seventies, this is the place to go.
Native Knowledge: Kozy Kar Bar in San Francisco is one of two Kozy Kar locations. The other one is located in Santa Rosa and is a little less “seedy” than its San Francisco counterpart."
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"Bars along Polk Street are plentiful, so how does a bar stand out among the pack? By having stiff drinks, looped 70's cartoons and movies, questionable photos plastered all along the bar and 70's vans with chairs and waterbeds, Kozy Kar does just that. It's a unique bar that you can only find in San Francisco."
7x7 Magazine Weird Art in Bars 2011
Kozy Kar (website slightly NSFW) is an unabashedly, endearingly trashy bar on Polk Street that mixes 70s car culture with copious pages torn from vintage Playboy magazines that seem to cover every surface of its interior�they're even shellacked to the dance floor. Let its Lite Brite sign lure you in to sip a PBR or one of their extra-strong drinks while sitting on a waterbed covered in shag carpet (oh, and the walls are covered in shag carpeting too). If you're rolling deep, get your crew inside one of the booths that's really a hollowed-out air-brushed van equipped with old CB radios. Needless to say, there's a lot to look at."
SF Weekly Best of San Francisco 2010
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"Theme bars aren't the most fail-safe entrepreneurial ventures, but if you're going to give one a try, covering your watering hole with titty shots is probably a smart bet. It's a wonder, then, that no reputable S.F. taverns had taken this approach until 2009, when Kozy Kar opened on Polk Street. If Scooby and Shaggy joined forces with Hugh Hefner to paint the town red, this is probably where they'd spend most of the night. The bar is decorated like the interior of a hotboxed 1970s pussy wagon, with minibus-shaped booths, fully accessible waterbeds, and vintage porn pics plastered over the dance floor. Throw in the Missile Control arcade game in the corner, and you can see why Kozy Kar is a certain sensibility's approximation of heaven"
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"Some eras are worth reliving, especially if centerfolds and waterbeds are involved. Kudos to Kozy Kar for unabashedly embracing the '70s and early '80s by covering its floors and bars with vintage centerfolds, adding mirrored ceilings and, of course, installing a custom 1983 GMC in the heart of it all for inspiration."
CitySearch's Top Ten New Bars of 2009
"There's a reason there aren't too many theme bars in San Francisco, a city which takes great pride in its ratio of seedy dives to square miles. Kozy Kar, however, may have found the perfect combination--a pervy, '70s-inspired dive decked out to make you feel like you're drinking inside a bona fide disco-swinger love van. With everything from shag-carpeted walls and waterbed-booths to working CB radios and a real, live 83 GMC van, the commitment to reviving the best parts of Dazed and Confused is astounding. The theme extends to the booze on offer, as well, with a full lineup of canned PBR, Schlitz, Olympia and Hamm's, and the kind of whiskeys that match a huge 'stache, an obsession with Led Zeppelin and, yes, a souped-up '70s van with a unicorn mural and a teardrop window."
The Year In Eater 2009
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"Far and away the most memorable Yelp feud involved Kozy Kar, which put a funny photo of a complaining Yelper on its website. That, and the comments thread that ensued, soon became the stuff of legend."